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Penteo transforms any stereo recording, soundtrack, DJ mix or live television broadcast into perfect 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. Developed by ADL, Penteo is the highest quality and best sounding stereo-to-surround up-mixer because only Penteo remains faithful to the original stereo mix; no artificial sound manipulation is used. The result is that the Penteo plug-in creates a perfect surround experience for all stereo media with zero unwanted sonic artifacts, the most crisp and discrete center-channel available and only Penteo is 100% ITU down-mix compatible to the original stereo. Through its comprehensive controls, automation settings and advanced low-frequency management, Penteo provides the ultimate mixer experience. Penteo is in use by 5 of the 6 major Hollywood studios and is being used by customers in 23 countries. Penteo works equally well on all types of music & sound effects for; film, broadcast, composition, scoring, gaming, sound design schools and post-production. Audiotech Digital Limited (ADL) specializes in the development and marketing of high-quality digital audio software applications.



Technical Partners

Penteo is a Pro Tools® development partner with Avid.  Avid delivers the industry’s most open, innovative and comprehensive media platform connecting content creation with collaboration, asset protection, distribution and consumption for the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world.

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Raven MTX/MTI from Slate Pro Audio – Slate Pro Audio is a Penteo technical partner – Penteo was selected to be the world’s first multi-touch plug-in optimized for the Raven MTX/MTI Surround console.


US Distribution Partners

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Serving the San Francisco Bay Area, Cutting Edge covers many facets of the professional video, audio and media-creation markets.  Over the past nineteen years our clients have come to rely on our experience and in-depth knowledge when making their business decisions for broadcast, film, location recording, cameras and acquisition, post production, recording and music production, videogames and digital entertainment, live sound, education, and corporate AV.


UK Distribution Partner

Mediapros distributes Penteo in the United Kingdom. MediaPros supply creative solutions to the broadcast, film & TV post-production, live sound, multimedia, professional music recording and video game development industries in the UK. MediaPros’ central London-based headquarters feature a state-of-the-art demo facility and purpose built studio suites that are backed up by a dedicated team that is committed customer satisfaction.


Australia & New Zealand Partner

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ATT Audio Controls is Penteo’s partner serving Australia and New Zealand.  Since 1985, ATT Audio Controls has endeavored to view people as human beings and not dollar signs.  We have assembled a portfolio of industrial audio and visual brands, systems and devices that we enjoy, believe in, and are demonstrably relevant, but most importantly, authentic.


Swiss Distribution Partner

Simola Eichmann Communications GmbH (SECG) is Penteo’s partner in Switzerland. SECG is a pro audio dealer near Zürich, Switzerland that provides turnkey solutions for professional clients in the post, broadcast, live and music studios industries. As the only Swiss Avid Audio Elite Partner licensed to carry the full line of Avid products, SECG has made some of the biggest Pro Tools installations and their clients have sold over 50 million albums produced on SECG systems.

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    • "I have found Penteo to be the best available plug-in to derive 3 channel (L,C,R) and 5.1 channel audio from original stereo music mixes.  It's processing remains faithful to the original music's sound staging, imaging, and timbre. The most recent use was for music in the "Sound City" documentary." Gary Summers – Oscar-Winning Re-Recording Mixer
    • "Penteo is doing something fundamentally different.  Each channel Penteo produces contains a remarkable amount of discrete information, allowing me tremendous control of the sound field.  I can even push and pull the internal balance of the music to work better with the image and with the other sounds in the mix.  A great experience." Pete Horner – Sound Designer/Re-recording Mixer at SkySound
    • "What’s important is how Penteo keeps the integrity of the 2-track file, isolates the center channel just right, generates the interesting and isolated surround channels, and keep the bass tight. Penteo is the up-mix plugin for me when I’m mixing." Oscar Winning Sound Designer Steve Pederson, Warner Brothers
    • "I use Penteo to up mix the stereo source music for the FX Series 'The American's' and found it to be the best stereo to 5.1 and LCR up-mixer. Penteo's 5.1 to stereo compatibility makes it unique: it addresses all the issues of up- and down-mix of stereo music.   Every artist that I have worked with, from Rock to Opera, who has heard Penteo have loved it. It is my go-to up-mix plug-in." Ken Hahn – Co-owner of Sync Sound, Inc and Digital Cinema, LLC
    • "Penteo brought some 30 year old Prince Tui Teka recordings into the modern world when we upmixed them to 5.1 surround for the film "The Dark Horse". We also tested Penteo against other competitor upmixers and none of them were as pleasing as Penteo. Penteo's simplicity of use and the superb sound quality were very noticeable and the crew were very happy with the outcome, Penteo is our go-to upmixer on film projects." Toby Lloyd, Sound Recordist, Park Road Post Production Ltd, New Zealand
    • "We started playing the films first cue and by the end we were all completely sold on Penteo – we decided to use Penteo on every cue in the film! The imaging and detail that were extracted from the stereo took the sound to a whole new level without sounding gimmicky. To then retain the quality of the original mix on the stereo fold down was incredible. When you read about some Plug-Ins you wonder if there is an element of the Emperor’s New Clothes. However this Plug-In is the real deal and it will be used on every one of our projects in the future." Adam Daniel – Re-Recording Mixer, Point1Post, London, UK
    • "The Penteo 7 Pro Suite retains all of the flexibility of Penteo 4 Pro, along with the intuitive GUI, but adds the option to upmix to 7.1 and to use AudioSuite too. We have Dolby Atmos on our stage and the ability to fill the 7.1 Bed from a stereo track is fantastic. The Plug-In allows for separate control of the side surrounds and the rear surround levels. This is particularly handy in Dolby Atmos where the surround speakers used by the Bed are full frequency. Now that the surrounds have as much weight as the screen speakers it is important to have  control of that energy off the screen in case it becomes overwhelming. To create such an immersive 7.1 sound field from a stereo is incredible. I’m looking forward to using Penteo 7 Pro Suite on our next Dolby Atmos mix." Adam Daniel – Re-Recording Mixer, Point1Post, London, UK
    • "I was amazed at Penteo’s quality of Audio Manipulation from Stereo to 5.1 Surround. Unlike alternative more complex plug ins which use delays & phasing s to generate the up-mix, Penteo’s surround upmix from stereo sounds much more natural & maintains the frequency & tonality of the original mix, with very impressive results. The controls are very user friendly & speed up achieving optimum results. I had no hesitation in installing Penteo for our facility here at Factory." Ben Firth, Sound Engineer / Head Of Technical Support, Factory Studios, London, UK
    • "I call Penteo ‘Dark Magic’, because it’s always surprising what Penteo delivers when you feed it stereo material. I’m always happy with the results that Penteo gives me." Phil McGowan, Re-recording Mixer, Trevor Morris Studios
    • "We've hammered the Penteo plug-in and it sounded awesome, so much so that I used it on the full 'Hunted' series for Cinemax.  Penteo outshines all the other methods I've heard and used to up-mix stereo to 5.1, because ONLY Penteo makes you feel that you are just simply enveloped in the 'music' rather than in DSP of some kind - and for me this really is THE big thing." Nigel Heath – Founder and Managing Director at Hackenbacker Audio
    • "I’m really excited about the release of Penteo 7 Pro.  With the extended range of the fader controls, I’m able to get a better balance of the material.  I can pull back on the surround channels so they provide a presence to the front.  Or I can push the surround channels on certain stems and bring them out in the room more.  The addition of Audiosuite versions for Pro Tools has been a big help.  If I decide to keep the plugin settings static and not automate any parameters for that cue, I’ll Audiosuite it.  The workflow to go from stereo to surround is very fast and it helps with archiving since you now have a surround version of the cue if you ever need to go back to the project and don’t have your ilok with you.  Another bonus, there’s no longer a processing delay in the path." Tom Marks, Re-Recording Mixer at Warner Bros.
    • "Because of the historical nature of the “Live from the Met” recordings, it is imperative that we not alter the sound when up-mixing to surround, and that’s why we use Penteo." Ken Hahn, Co-Owner & Supervising Sound Editor, Sync Sound, New York
    • "For me, Penteo is a very useful tool. It really makes you look good – I wouldn’t do another film without it." Steve Maslow, Oscar-winning Re-recording Mixer, Warner Bros.
    • "We've used the Penteo plug-in as a creative choice to feature music we could only get the stereo elements for.  It creates a fantastic ‘True surround’ spatial experience without sacrificing the transient and dynamic ‘punch’, of the original recording." Michael Babcock – Sound Designer/Re-recording Mixer at Warner Brothers Studios