Why Penteo?

The Perfect Surround Experience

The ADL Penteo 4 plug-in transforms any stereo recording, soundtrack, DJ mix or live television broadcast into a perfect surround sound experience delivering:
  • Zero sonic artifacts
  • The most crisp, discrete center-channel available
  • 100% ITU down-mix compatible to the original stereo
Existing plug-ins artificially manipulate stereo using steering, delays, echo, phase shifting, and matrixing which is not related to the original mixer’s intent:
  • The result is an uncomfortable ‘smeared’, ‘pumping’,  and often cold ‘digital’ sound
  • Center channel can be ‘wobbly’ and difficult to isolate for dialogue
  • Precise controls and automation are lacking to reduce studio time
  • Poor low frequency effects – plug-ins lack bass ‘slam’
  • Generate mono to the surround speakers
  • Will not down-mix back to stereo perfectly without creating sonic artifacts
ADL’s Penteo 4 Pro is the warmest and best sounding stereo-to-surround up-mixer because Penteo is unique being the only plug-in that uses no artificial sound manipulation. Through a new proprietary algorithm, the surround mix perfectly retains the sound of the original stereo mix.  

See the Difference!

Unlike other plug-ins, at no point does Penteo generate mono sounding rear channels.  Instead, Penteo dynamically generates real surround fields, putting the unique sound energy to each and every speaker.  The result?  A more robust and richer sound envelopes the listener with distinct sounds emanating from each of the left and right rear speakers. See the difference for yourself:
Penteo works equally well with all stereo source media:
  • Music
  • Motion Pictures
  • Television Broadcast
  • Radio Broadcast
  • HD Internet Streaming
  • Film Restoration
  • Music replacement
  • Stereo down-mix compatible
  • Sound Effects
  Learn more about Penteo’s use cases & benefits and how it creates the ultimate experience for a mixer.