Penteo 4 Pro - Stereo-to-Surround Up-Mixer

Zero Sonic Artifactsdot The Most Crisp & Discrete Center-Channel Availabledot 100% ITU Down-Mix Compatible

" We've used the Penteo 3 Pro plug-in as a creative choice to feature music we could only get the stereo elements for.  It creates a fantastic ‘True 5.1’ spatial experience without sacrificing the transient and dynamic ‘punch’, of the original recording. "

Michael Babcock - Sound Designer/Re-recording Mixer at Warner Brothers Studios

" I have found the Penteo 3 Pro to be the best available plug-in to derive 3 channel (L,C,R) and 5.1 channel audio from original stereo music mixes.  It's processing remains faithful to the original music's sound staging, imaging, and timbre. The most recent use was for music in the 'Sound City' documentary "

Gary Summers - Re-Recording Mixer

"Penteo is doing something fundamentally different.  Each channel Penteo produces contains a remarkable amount of discrete information, allowing me tremendous control of the sound field.  I can even push and pull the internal balance of the music to work better with the image and with the other sounds in the mix.  A great experience. "

Pete Horner - Sound Designer/Re-recording Mixer at SkySound

" We've hammered the Penteo 3 Pro plug-in and it sounded awesome, so much so that I used it on the full 'Hunted' series for Cinemax.  Penteo outshines all the other methods I've heard and used to up-mix stereo to 5.1, because ONLY Penteo 3 Pro makes you feel that you are just simply enveloped in the 'music' rather than in DSP of some kind - and for me this really is THE big thing. "

Nigel Heath - Founder and Managing Director at Hackenbacker Audio

" I use Penteo Pro 3 to up mix the stereo source music for the FX Series 'The American's' and found it to be the best stereo to 5.1 and LCR up-mixer. Penteo's 5.1 to stereo compatibility makes it unique: it addresses all the issues of up- and down-mix of stereo music.   Every artist that I have worked with, from Rock to Opera, who has heard Penteo 3 Pro have loved it. It is my go-to up-mix plug-in. "

Ken Hahn - Co-owner of Sync Sound, Inc and Digital Cinema, LLC.

Penteo transforms any stereo recording, soundtrack, DJ mix or live television broadcast into perfect 5.1 surround sound. Developed by ADL, Penteo 3 Pro is the warmest and best sounding stereo-to-surround up-mixer because only Penteo remains faithful to the original stereo mix; no artificial sound manipulation is used. Read More
Penteo 4 Pro provides the ultimate mixer experience. It includes built-in Automation that reduces mixing time and effort. Add that with Easy-To-Use continuous and comprehensive controls and Advanced low frequency/bass management settings and you'll have an absolutely amazing plugin to compliment your studio. Read More
When up-mixing surround for broadcast, many mixers make a ‘stereo biased surround mix’ because they know that many consumers do not yet have a surround setup to the surround will ultimately be played on stereo speakers. Due to Penteo’s 100% ITU compatible down-mix to stereo, this frees mixers to make a perfect... Read More